If you love to laugh your heart out and be slightly scared at the same time, this festival is right up your alley! Most of the participants are out to have a great time and to get dirty. There were red eyes everywhere, The best advice I can give is to wear eye protection of some sort. I had so much fun trust me every Euro was worth it.

Claudia Stansfield Germany

I went to the festival last year for the first time and WOW! It was the most stickiest, gooiest, fun I have had in a very long time. Come prepared to have every square inch of your body drenched in red, because it is inevitable. Be prepared to laugh and fall will thousands and thousands of others! Best experience I’ve ever had, hands down.

Lillie Grainger United Kingdom

Wow, La Tomatina was the funniest food fight I have ever been apart of. You get to throw tomatoes at 30,000+ people from all over the world; I even met an Aussie! The streets are filled shoulder-to-shoulder and chest-to-chest. In less than a minute after the tomatoes are delivered, everyone’s white is drenched in crimson red. SO bring clothes you don’t care about, because trust me you will not want to keep them.

Mark Garcia Spain